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  • A full-color, hardcover book (6" x 9") with 360 pages of botanical, ethnobotanical, folklore, and tabletop roleplaying material. 
  •  100 illustrated, detailed descriptions of magically-inclined plants from around the world - from aconite to yew.
  •  Short, sweet, and useful lore chapters on the basics of botany, herb gathering, preparation, alchemy, poisons & antidotes, and more!
  •  Recipes for magical and medicinal concoctions, written in-world and in accordance with occult lore of the ages past (mix aconite with animal fat, then rub it on a broom handle for an excellent flying experience!).
  •  Tools for creating original magical plants, plot hooks, quest ideas, and a botanical Latin primer to give your custom, fantastical plants a semi-proper scientific name.
  • Convenient tables with magical and medicinal properties of plants, astronomical correspondences, and the language of flowers - all according to the highest authorities in the fields.
  • An index, a detailed table of contents, references, bibliography—everything you’d expect from a popular-science publication that will make your herbalist cry the tears of joy. 

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