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This Is Fleet Command

Take your role as part of the crew on any of the classic Homeworld vessels. Step inside the fleet and for the first time discover the personal story of Hiigarans. The Homeworld Revelations tabletop roleplaying game gives you everything you need to immerse yourself in the Homeworld universe, exploring the history of the Kushan people from the origins on Hiigara, into exile on Kharak, and back again.

Explore the harsh desert world of Kharak and the cities and societies found there, or follow the odyssey of the Kushan people as they return to their ancestral home, and take their rightful place in the galactic community. Packed full of never-before-seen Homeworld art, this game brings the universe to life in a completely new light.

 • A new iteration of Modiphius' 2d20 System provides all the rules you need to dive deep into the evets of Homeworld.

 • Create a character from some of the most famous of the Kushan Kiith - Naabal, S'jet, Paktu, Manaan, and Somtaaw.

 • Kit yourself out with a range of personal arms, armor, and equipment.

 • Statistics and rules for a huge range of iconic vessels lets you take command of fighters, corvettes, frigates, capital ships, super capital ships, and of course the iconic Mothership herself - or ever create them yourself.

 • Extensive lore chapters detail the history of the Kushan, the Taiidan, Turanic Raiders, the Kadesh, and the Bentusi.

 • NPCs for all the major factions, and rules to create your own.

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