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Horse and Rider is a 2-player game about a horse rider taming, and forming a bond with, their horse. One of you plays the horse, the other the rider. This game is inspired heavily by various cultures around horse-riding in Australia, from pony club girls to the modern-day cowboy.

This 40 page game draws from horse-taming techniques taught to me by a real life horseman and farrier. The braiding technique also comes from my mum's time in various horseriding organizations, where she would braid her horse's hair when she wasn't riding him.

The bond between a horseman and their horse is built on trust. Using trust-building mechanics inspired by real-world horse training techniques, two players will work together to build that bond with each other. The horseman will learn the different methods that go into training a horse while the horse reacts to these attempts and will show its growing (or falling) trust as they train together.

Will you both ride off into the sunset or is the horse a bucking bronco? Find out in Horse and Rider!
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