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The Inferno Trilogy is an occult, multipart dimension-spanning campaign for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. Pilot your ship through the heavens and into a trench warfare purgatory, escaping only into a fiery and fleshy hellscape.

Track the coordinates of the 3rd Testament transmission to a raging corporate fleet battle and navigate tactical dogfights in Wrath of God. Navigate a wilted, ritual warzone aboard the generation ship Within Wheels in The Drain. Enter a flesh portal and seek Hell itself, confronting grotesque demons and twisted angels in Meat Grinder.

These adventures bring you all new ways to play Mothership, tons of hackable materials for your home campaigns, and mind-bending art from industry legends including:

  • DCC-influenced level-0 funnel rules for Mothership.
  • Tactical, hex-based spaceship dogfighting rules and procedures.
  • Dozens of terrifying new monsters, hostile corporate agents, and enemy spacecraft.
  • Demonic artifacts and mutations, occult weapons and powerful ship modules.
  • Illustrations by Sean McCoy, Andrew Walter, Dirk Leichty, Codex Noirmatic, and more!

The Inferno Trilogy includes:

  • Wrath of God, a full color tri-fold pamphlet.
  • The Drain, a 16-page full color A5 zine.
  • Meat Grinder, a 20-page full color A5 zine.
  • Within Wheels, a bonus 4” x 6” art card. (PDF not included)
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