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Jack Macgyver grew up in the rust belt of the Democracy. His grandpappy was a trucker, his pappy was a trucker, and he was a trucker. However, unlike his father, Jack was always making inventions. It just came naturally and he didn't think much at all of using toothpaste and a paperclip to blow up a jail cell lock when he finished recuperating from a heavy night at a roadside bar and brawl. When Atlantica invaded the Democracy, Jack wasn't that phased. He went to the local scrap yard and modified his rig into a heavy war rig. He even renamed his rig Buffalo.

It wasn't long before Jack Macgyver had his own little personal resistance going, and the remains of Atlantican armour can still be seen on the desert highways through the heart of the Democracy. Some fell victim to Buffalo's emp launcher, others lost a game of chicken with the Buffalo. Regardless of the circumstances, Jack Macgyver's ingenuity and tenacity was an inspiration for the Democracy during its toughest times. Now Jack Macgyver is an integral part of Max Starr's special branch. Mostly he works on vehicle improvement in the special branch's secret desert hideout, however every now and then Jack takes to the highway again and the bellow of the Buffalo is usually the last thing an enemy hears before the blackness descends.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Jack Macgyver Buffalo. This is a resin multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 1 x 50mm round black plastic base. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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