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The gelatinous cube, admittedly one of the silliest monsters in the game, is a fan-favorite beastie because it is so ridiculous. I’ve personally been a supporter of the gelatinous cube for decades, embracing the thing’s totally ludicrous concept and design and always happy when the sliggly, wiggly, jiggly creature appears in an adventure. They’re dumb, sure, but they’re also completely awesome!


Jiggles & Wiggles, Gelatinous Cubes Rule!, is my contribution to gamemasters everywhere and offers a selection of ideas directly related to the gelatinous cube and how it might be used in your next game session. This poster-sized work includes:

  Now what is that damn cube doing? These jiggly cubes might spend a lot of their time sliggling down the dungeon corridor, but there are times when the gelatinous cube decides to do more than simply roomba the dungeon floor. Use these ideas when you want a more memorable gelatinous encounter.

 What’s inside this jiggly gelatinous cube? On the reverse side of this sheet, I have detailed several ideas for what may be suspended in a gelatinous cube’s jelly-like body. No doubt, the more foolish players in your campaign will take the bait and inflict great damage on their characters as they try to retrieve some enticing item or two from within the sliggling monster.

Hopefully, you take inspiration from these words and use a few of these ideas to wipe-out the party. After all, the adventurers likely deserve death for some past offense.

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