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Rumor has it that damaging information is circulating about a major public figure. Two rival secret agents compete to suppress it or propagate it. They undertake daring missions and become notorious in the process.

Kompromat is a thrilling 2-player game combining hands of blackjack, set collection, and special interactive actions. Push your luck and leave your mark on history!

Gameplay in a Nutshell:

1. Lay out four mission cards face up.

2. Take turns to play cards at each mission. Attempt to beat your opponent's total, but don't go over 21 - or you'll become notorious!

3. Reveal all cards, win mission cards, and gain victory points, notoriety, and special abilities.

If you ever each 9 notoriety tokens you lose immediately! Otherwise, the player with the most victory points wins the game.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30 minutes

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