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Labyrinths & Secret Chambers is a collection of sinister rooms, hidden hallways, and wondrous architecture in the dark world of KULT Divinity Lost. Here we explore the labyrinth of the cities, the ruins of the borderlands, the dark palaces of Inferno, the towering citadels of Metropolis, and the numinous realms of the Dream Princes.

Alongside over 300 evocative descriptions, Labyrinths & Secret Chambers contains 100 double-sided maps of suggested locations, such as apartments, hospitals, penthouses, gas stations, subway systems, motels, and alleyways, as well as the fantastic geometries that await beyond Elysium.

You will also find instructions on how to use the principles of the Higher Powers to add to the soul of a location, as well as an assortment of lists that will help you create details and atmosphere during play.

PDF included.

A copy of the Core Rulebook is required to use the contents of this book.

THIS GAME EXPLORES MATURE THEMES. The content of this book explores psychological and body horror. There are explicit examples of physical and mental abuse, violence, sexual assault, religious exploitation, child abuse, mental illness, kidnapping and abduction, animal cruelty/death, pregnancy/childbirth, miscarriages/abortion, drug use, self-harm and suicide, blood, and death.

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