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Kung Pao Chicken is a 3 to 5 player 15 min social deduction party game. A fun filler for everyone from age 8 and up.

Each game is played in three rounds. In every round, each player needs to figure out if they are a chicken or a fox. End of the round, players will score 1 vp for guessing their identity correctly AND additional points from team objective. If you are a chicken, your team of chickens will score based on number of saved chickens. Foxes will score based on number of captured chickens. At the end of three rounds, the player with most vp wins the game.

Please note: There are only three animals in this 18 card game. Plus, in the beginning of each round, you should already have the information on more than half of the 18 card deck. If you use some probability and information from other players, perhaps you can figure it out.

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