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Both the Personnel Transport and the Destroyer Light Tank first saw service during the first Atlantican War. Both were used primarily to plug holes in the Democracy lines. The Destroyer mounts a powerful rail cannon which was developed to take out the powerful Atlantican Poseidon and Kraken class tanks. It was very successful in that role, tying up more Atlantican air patrols to protect their armour.

The Personal Transport, or "PT" as Democracy troops fondly call it, is a large halftrack capable of carrying an entire platoon of troops. Halftracks had not been used on Earth in years; however, the vehicle type was made popular again based on the difficult terrain Atlantican forces used to their advantage. The Democracy simply didnt have the tire and suspension technology that the Atlanticans had at their disposal, so they turned to earlier technology in their need.

This set comes with enough parts to make 1 x Destroyer light tank, 1 x Personnel Transport, 1x Honey Badger Missile Launcher. This is a resin multipart kit. Superglue required for assembly (not included). This set comes with 2 x 50mm and 1 x 40mm round black plastic bases.

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