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Lilliputian: Adventure on the Open Seas is an adventure game about exploring the vast and expansive ocean, filled with uncharted islands, hidden treasure, weird weather and unspeakable horrors. Character creation is fast, fun and random, classless, and relies on fictional advancement. It is based on Mausritter by Isaac Williams, Into The Odd by Chris McDowall and Cairn by Yochai Gal, as-well-as so many more. Lilliputian: Adventure on the Open Seas presents a streamlined set of rules for adventures in a world that is massive, and your adventures truly feel small. Whether you are playing as 6" tall humanoids exploring alongside Mice -or- a 6' tall human exploring a familiar world; adventure awaits. Lilliputian is designed for at least two people, one Game Master and at least one Player. Together, Game Masters and Players work towards building a world full of excitement and adventure; all the while rolling dice and playing make believe.

With rules for open ocean hexcrawling, solo sailing, naval combat, building ships and lots of creepy sea monsters; Lilliputian will bring hours of creative fun to your table.

Core rules for streamlined, ready-to-play adventures. These core rules occupy only ONE PAGE and heavily built on the chassis of Into the Odd.
A quick and randomized character creation that will introduce you to unique characters for players to adventure as. Using many tables inspired by the likes of Cairn and The Black Hack as-well-as Starting Loadouts inspired by Electric Bastionland.
Simple and useful rules for resource management, encumbrance, item usage and durability that make the world feel natural and organic. Inspired by the ENNIE award winning Mausritter.
Combat rules that produce fast and potentially deadly encounters that scale as lone sailors join a crew, that crew acquires a ship, and that ship joins an armada.
Rules for hiring retainers and building a business and trade.
A magic system that pulls influence from the Goblin Laws of Gaming.
Advanced rules for Game Masters on how to create a world of adventure. Based yet again on the tools and resources in Mausritter.
Lots and lots of random tables; in the manner of games like Weird North and The Black Hack.
Not one, not two, but Five example adventure sites to run right out of the gate.

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