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Lost for Words has over 300 unique words from over 60 different languages, aiming to broaden our vocabularies, as well as our emotional awareness.

There are Word cards and Action cards:
Word cards have a unique word, along with its definition and source language, and one of seven symbols on the top: heart, lightning, cloud, star, sun, moon, or diamond.
Action cards have special instructions that affect gameplay and strategy.

At the start of each game, each player is dealt seven random cards from the deck, which they keep secret from other players.

On each turn, players have three options:

Play a word card. Place it face-up in front of you, and share how you've experienced that feeling or experience: a moment or memory, who it reminds you of, or how you hope to experience it in the future.
Play an action card. Follow the rules on the card, which ends your turn.
Discard and draw again. Place any of your cards in the discard pile and draw a new card from the deck.

When any player runs out of cards in their hand, draw seven new cards from the deck. The first player to play cards with each of the seven symbols or five of the same symbol is the winner!

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