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Humans, once rich with magic, technology, and resources, exploited nature to collapse. Barren and twisted landscapes are the norm, with pockets of civilization connected by defunct, reclaimed pathways. 

Lost Roads is a journey role-playing game set in an alternate fantasy world.  Players become Tarnished characters, traveling the Lost Roads to find a home. Wield the magic of nature, bear the scars of survival, carry the fire of shared humanity, and risk betrayal from those you have no choice but to trust. Do you have the resolve needed to carry your loved ones through the Storm?

This game contains:

  • A highly modular game system, featuring an elegant D6 die pool resolution system with varying degrees of success and failure.
  • It can be run as a one shot or a short campaign lasting 2-5 sessions, with high replayability. Play cycles fluidly through several phases with a push and pull between survival, sheltering, and moving on to new places. 
  • Choose a unique starting character Role and combine it with one of eight magical Domains for up to 40 unique combinations.
  • Create a fantastic world together with flow and balance between human and natural communities. Then, play out tense survival stories of eco-migrants and supernatural climate fiction.
  • When characters take refuge, simple scene-by-turn rules allows them to steal a moment to share a meal, a story, a dream. Then, go forth once more to see if you can edge closer towards finding a home.
  • Inspired by The Road, A Quiet Place, Annihilation, Fast Color, and similar stories.
  • 60 page rulebook, play aids, and character sheets.
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