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The magic show is about to start.

Behind the curtain, it is chaos: the rabbits jump from all sides and the hats roll to the ground!

You have to put all this back in order.

Hurry up! The audience is already getting impatient!

In Magic Rabbit, players will cooperate in a limited time to gather in line rabbits and hats together in an ascending order.

The game design is straightforward. At first, place randomly a Rabbit tile face-down under a Hat tile face up. Then, place Dove tokens, depending of the number of players.

Within 2'30", you will have to rearrange the Rabbits and Hats, so they match their number : Rabbit #1 under Hat #1, from 1 to 9.

At their turn, players have to choose one of these 3 actions, if a pile is not blocked by a Dove token :
  • Look at a Rabbit tile in a Rabbit & Hat pile
  • Switch 2 Hats between 2 Rabbit & Hat piles
  • Switch to Rabbit & Hat tile pile in the line

At the end of their turn, player may also move a Dove token from a pile to another one.

Hidden envelopes will bring some new magic trick to spice up the game difficulty. Envelopes comes in 3 levels and each of then contain several game variants to achieve before opening the next one!

—description from the publisher

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