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Mall Kids is a simple tabletop RPG about teens who work at a mall and the events that make up their daily lives. You won't be fighting monsters (probably) or saving captured royalty (most likely) but you will be interacting with your friends to collaboratively tell a story about how rebellious teens deal with the brute force of consumer-based capitalism.

Mall Kids borrows mechanics from the very popular Honey Heist by Grant Howitt that allow for broad and subjective usage. All action in the game is resolved with just a few dice and only two stats: corporate and cred. During the game, characters will be pulled between these two themes, teetering dangerously between becoming a corporate drone or an anarchist punk. Either way, going to extreme has consequences that affect more than just yourself.

The game includes suggestions for creating engaging scenarios as wells as interesting characters, so you can jump right in without any prep. If you want to create your own perfect darling teen mall kid, that's good too.

Players will navigate a single day at the mall and take turns framing scenes for the characters to play out. Will there be a secret meeting out by the dumpsters? Will you start a riot in the food court? Will a series of complicated and precisely timed diversions lead to you finally asking your crush out without your boss finding out you're not at your register?

Includes 3 dice, a pencil, notebook, character sheets & a pocket edition of the core rules. 

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