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Margot is a strategic card game for 1 to 4 players. Infiltrate the enemy castle and fully extricate only your own party.

In the Lamballe of yore, there once lived fairies called `Margots'. They comported themselves spreading good fortune amongst the people as incumbents of their faith. An evil witch, however, did not look upon this state of affairs favourably. One day the witch roused the king of man to collaboratively extirpate the Margots from this world.

Players each take the role of one such Margot, who has narrowly managed to evade the witch's plot. They are tasked with rescuing their kin and recovering various items related to fairies. Can the fantastical triumph over the corporeal?

Starting with the players, the Margots all hold special powers. Extricated allies will subsequently become most heartening assets when infiltrating. As the game draws to a close, each player will reach a different end.

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