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Lead your players into revolt against the Shadow. . .

The tiny town of Koln, huddled against the edges of the great forest of Erethor, has survived the last century of occupation by being too small to attract any great attention. It quietly pays its tithes to the Shadows' armies and does its best to survive in an increasingly hostile world.

But their isolation threatens to catastrophically end when a legate of the Shadow learns that Koln may be a waypoint for rebel smuggling weapons into the occupied lands. Your group is suddenly faced with a choice; risk their lives helping strangers or watch an entire village razed for the crimes of a few.

This kit includes:

 • An adventure for characters of levels 1-3 that introduces the world of Midnight to new players and helps prepare them for greater exploits in the future.

 • A series of regional random encounter tables that helps you generate adventures for your group wherever they may travel.

 • A three-panel game master's screen lavishly decorated with suitably intimidating art of remind your players of the dangers they face in the Shadow's realm. The other side of the screen features a collection of useful tables and notes that help portray life in the world of Midnight, plus a reference map of the central continent of Eredane.

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