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MIRU I is a solo-first hexcrawling analog adventure game for one or more players. Set in a solarpunk future, you play a character whose brother is killed by a robot. The next day, you pack your bag with a few supplies and foolishly head off into the uncharted wilderness to go kill the God responsible.

You'll explore uncharted territories, survive thrilling situations, and search for treasures while you hunt down a god for revenge. This solo-first game has you rolling dice, drawing maps, solving cryptic puzzles, and exploring a world a century from now. No two playthroughs are the same!

This is a 52 page mono-color staple-bound zine, printed on recycled uncoated paper and made in the United States.
Every physical copy includes the digital edition via a QR code printed in the book.

MIRU is Human Made and Carbon Neutral.
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