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Moods of the Mad King is a micro-game for 2 to 4 players, where the players assume the role of a playwright in the court of The Mad King! The Mad King demands a play to suit his current feelings, but with his ever-changing moods and propensity for beheadings, all the playwrights are stealing secrets from each other and scrambling to gather information from those close to the king in order to create the perfect play!

When playing Moods of the Mad King, each Playwright will try to collect matching sets of genres. The King has 4 Moods, each corresponding to a different genre: Brooding (Drama), Joyous (Comedy), Lamenting (Tragedy), and Devoted (Romance).

You will try to collect Acts of matching genres to complete a set. The more your set matches, the more points you get, and more your set matches the King's Mood at the end of the game, the more points you get!

Each Playwright will start with an Act I, Act II, and Act III card of a random genre, and one Play Card. Playwrights use these Play Cards to try to collect matching sets and undermine their opponents. Each turn a Playwright draws one Play Card, and then plays one of the two in their hand!

It's that simple! The game ends at the end of the turn where the last play card has been drawn!

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