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Company's coming!...and you're unprepared! Good thing there's the Book of Misery to help you out in a pinch!


Book of Misery (Volume 1) is the first in a series of third-party MÖRK BORG zines, with 50+ pages of despair and misery, including more classes, weapons, monsters and adventures. Inside you will find:

  • 6 new classes, from a chivalric warrior to a small child who grew up in the sewers.
  • A crit fail table, for when you feel the need to be even more sadistic to your players.
  • A bunch of new weapons, ranging from the average Dane axe to the mighty sharpened throwing finger! (Prices may vary depending on how generous you feel.)
  • Over 15 new enemies, ranging from your average small weak mob to your strong BBEG style demon. If you want your players dead, here's over 15 new things to ensure that happens.
  • A unique and delightfully charming NPC who sells interesting teas! Her mien is based on how the PCs approach her... she also has a gigantic bodyguard in case you need to punish a murder hobo.
  • 3 adventures! The Howling Caverns: a claustrophobic cavern crawl with rituals and werewolves, A Putrid House: created via the dungeon generator a.k.a the DNGNGEN. A truly horrific entity is possessing these halls! Lastly, A Dungeon Most Pointless: a stripped-back simple dungeon to troll your players with.
  • Kali, a unique dog companion your PCs can buy. Designed for small tables of players (2-3) who may need a little bit of a hand... or even solo play!!


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