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North Africa ‘41 covers the campaign in North Africa from Rommel’s first offensive in late March 1941 through the end of December 1941. During that period Rommel’s forces dashed across Cyrenaica and made it to the Egyptian frontier. However, he was not able to take the critical port of Tobruk defended by the stubborn Australians. With superior tanks, combined arms doctrine, and 88mm Flak guns (used as anti-tank weapons) the Axis forces successfully fought off two counterattacks from the east—the Allied operations called Brevity and Battleaxe. Later in the year, before Rommel could make his planned assault against Tobruk, the Allies launched Operation Crusader and drove the Axis forces back to their original starting positions at El Agheila.

North Africa ’41 allows players to study the campaign and refight it with their own strategies. The game includes a detailed map of the Western Desert and a meticulously researched order of battle.

The game uses the simple Move-Fight-Supply game system developed in Normandy ’44 and Holland ’44. Important elements like supply, troop quality, tank quality, artillery support, and command and control are all reflected in the game.

Game Scale
1 hex = 8 miles
1 game turn = half a month = 2-3 impulses of 3-8 days each
Units: Battalion to Brigade

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