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O, Morningstar! is a freeform, 1+ player storytelling game from the Far Horizons Co-Op where players are cast as rebellious hosts of hell: angels (or perhaps demons, depending on who you ask) set on rebellion against the tyranny of heaven. Players draw cards from a standard playing card deck and are transported to different scenes across human and celestial history, each one a pivotal moment in the universal struggle against oppression. Each player’s host has their own unique personality and goals, and play continues across space and time until all players have met their goals (or the deck runs out.)

Printed by Tabletop Hotdish in a lovely zine format with beautiful gold foil accents on the cover, O, Morningstar! is an ambitious and thoughtful storytelling game in a beautiful presentation.

  • 20 page, A5 saddle-stitch zine, color cover with gold foil accents, black and white interior
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