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In 1985, Victory Games published Pacific War. Reviewers at the time (for example, Fred Hellferich in his Fire and Movement review) felt this design set the standard for an operational/ strategic simulation of this globe spanning conflict. Over the last 35 years this game's reputation has grown, with several failed efforts to get it back into print. Now that this design has finally come home (to GMT Games), I am here to tell you that this is the end of that publishing journey.

Pacific War is a Strategic wargame that takes you from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the climatic summer of 1945. . . from Australia to China. . .from Burma to Hawaii. . .from the defense of Wake Island through the invasion of Guadalcanal, culminating in the desperate battles to defend the Japanese Home Islands.

For the first time in a Pacific Theater game, size, subtlety, and ease of play has come together in a game of sharp action and historical accuracy.

Pacific War is a game of limitless challenge and excitement for anyone ever fascinated with the fury and vastness of the war in the Pacific. The game includes over 2000 counters that represent individual capital ships, cruiser divisions, destroyer squadrons, aircraft groups, and land units ranging from battalions to division to corps, with all units individually rated based on their historic performance.

At its core, Pacific War's game system allows you to fight detailed carrier strikes (sequential and simultaneous) with night surface naval actions (float planes, gunfire, and torpedo salvos) integrated with large scale ground offensives on the Asian mainland (e.g., Malaya, Burma, and China) and of course amphibious invasions (e.g., Java, Guadalcanal, and Leyte). If you are looking for a detailed and interactive operational simulation of the War in the Pacific, this is the game for you!

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 180-6000 minutes

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