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Attention Comrades! Be advised this area is now part of the Exclusion Zone. Please gather your belongings and documents and depart immediately. Report unusual activity at once. There is no cause for alarm. Party Officials have everything under control.


Welcome to the TWILIGHT WORLD, a place like and yet unlike our own. This world's history is a darkened fun house mirror of our own. Here, the monsters are real.


Set in the Twilight World's 1980s, players of Party First explore this darkened universe through the lens of the continent spanning communist USRA. Will you be a governmental bureaucrat, a party true believer, a military special agent, a folk occultist, a black market smuggler, or something else entirely? The choice is up to you, but remember that when the darkness comes knocking, your loyalty must be to the party first.


With this book and a set of 6 sided dice, you will find everything you need to get started with a game of Party First. Inside is an overview of the state of the Twilight World in the 1980s and how the USRA came to be as well as a wealth of occupations and skills to fine tune your character. Additionally, it includes a chapter with tips on running horror games and two stand alone starter adventures to introduce your players to the universe.

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