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A war between two undying wizards raged on for thousands of years. Though peace has now reigned for millennia, the ghosts of their atrocities still haunt every corner of the land they touched. Everyday people live their day-to-day in a land that defies logic, praying the specters of history won't rise again to plunge them back into chaos and carnage.

Explore a world where cities are built on foundations of genies and wishes, where undead legions clash against titanic war engines forged from flesh. Travel a region where magic still writhes and roils form the wounds inflicted on it, from the cavern depths where all spells lie dead to the scarred desert where the slightest arcane spark can erupt into a maelstrom.

Can your heroes make their mark on al and ruled by cruel egos of so many others, in the heart of the Impossible Lands?

344 pages

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