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On a turn, a player first explores the tomb either by flipping over the closet tile that has not yet been revealed, or by choosing the color of a desert or pyramid tile that's been revealed. The player then digs for the color chosen or revealed on the tile in a wooden bowl. This bowl contains twenty "boulders" (wooden spheres) and a thin Pharaoh's staff that's placed standing up in the bowl. If the player successfully removes a boulder of the proper color without the Pharaoh's staff or another boulder falling out of the bowl, that player moves — either forward or backward — to the next space on the path of that color. If the player lands on a scarab space, they take a scarab token and place it in front of themself (with a maximum of four scarabs for a player). If the player creates a landslide by dropping a boulder or causing the staff to fall and touch the table, that player must retreat to the starting desert space (if in the desert) or the pyramid entrance (if in the pyramid). (You refill the bowl with all the boulders should someone cause a landslide or when all the boulders of one color have been removed.) If the player lands on a tile showing one or more mummy heads, the mummy advances that many spaces, moving again if it lands on a tile showing mummy heads. If the mummy passes a player or lands on the same space as one, that player must discard a scarab or retreat immediately to the pyramid entrance. The mummy roams back and forth from burial chamber to entrance, so you'll encounter it at least once! A player must have at least two scarabs to enter the burial chamber, after which the player must complete two boulder grabs in a row based on the tiles in that chamber. The first player to do so wins!

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