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October 24th. Year unknown. A super storm slammed into Plum Island off the east coast of the US and plunged the island into a particularly horrifying apocalyptic nightmare.

The island's secret biological research facility suffered catastrophic damage and was quickly inundated with a horrifically lethal mixture of chemicals. The poor souls who succumbed to the toxins were reanimated as monstrously altered mutations.

But the true horror was yet to come . . .

The Plum Island Horror is a 1-4 player game featuring tactical-level unit management and tower-defense style survival through cooperative play. Three unique decks of cards (Event, Search, & Fate) drive game play and variable turn order keeps players on their toes as they attempt to save Plum Island.

Each player will control one of six unique factions which represent the various groups that populate Plum Island. Each of these Factions has its own strengths and weaknesses, which encourages players to optimize for the group's strengths and marginalize its weaknesses in a new way each game.

Saving Plum Island will require careful coordination and strategic synergy, which, when executed with precision, might just be enough to evacuate a city under siege and contain the horrific outbreak that threatens to spread beyond the island itself.

If the players succeed, they will win together, and the world will most likely be none the wiser to the averted crisis. If not, they will lose together and share the blame equally for failing humankind.
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