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Radio Free Hekate is a pamphlet adventure compatible with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1E. It can be ran as a one-shot, as part of an existing campaign or as the first in a series of forthcoming Hekate Sector modules. Featuring original artwork by Amanda Lee Franck, along with editing and development by David Wilkie. The pamphlet also comes with a slew of digital aids and audio ephemera including:

  • "Radio Broadcast" mix with over 4 hours of carefully curated music
  • Original song by Bonnie Jeanne to be used as the coded message
  • 7 air breaks from DJ Satellite Love
  • 4 radio advertisements
  • 3 station IDs
  • VTT map with custom tokens Player-facing maps

Mothership® Scii-Fi Horror RPG is a trademark of Tuesday Knight Games. For additional information, visit or contact

Requires Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1E to play.

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