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Explore what remains of civilization, encounter desperate factions vying for power, and uncover the secrets within the city's ruins. Seek refuge behind crumbling staircases and outsmart your foes to gain the upper hand. In this post-apocalyptic realm, make use of ramps, bridges, and anything else at your disposal. Every step you take holds significance, and your ability to strategize is paramount for survival.


- Compatible with all Rampart terrain sets

- Table-sized battlefield

- Perfect scale for miniatures

- Push and fit assembly

- Magnet-friendly

Box contains:

-1x bridge structure
-1x functional stairs
-1x vehicle ramp
-6x functional ladders
-5x 2x2 floor piece
-5x 2x1 floor piece
-10x 1x1 floor piece
-24x long trim
-48x short trim
-128x corner trim
-64x connectors
-xx pegs


Requires manual assembly and painting.

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