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96 Kickstarter Exclusive Clan and Province mini cards, to be used with the 3 special game modes which change the rules of war. Included with the Kickstarter edition of the 68-page Rising Sun graphic novel, an exclusive edition of the 3 Rising Sun issues published by IDW.

Originally, those game modes required players to write on a piece of paper their chosen Province or Clan, but this promo will give each player a full set of 8 Province cards and 8 Clan cards they can pick from.

Here's an overview of the 3 game modes:

  • Ninjas of Rising Sun: Each player secretly assigns a Ninja to a Province, surprising their opponents and taking down 2 figures there before the War Phase.
  • The Ichiko: Each player secretly attempts to predict who will win the battle at a certain Province. If they get it right, they steal the War Province token from its rightful winner.
  • Merciful Conquest: Each player secretly indicates a Province to receive special battle rules: They will grant more Victory Points to the winner, but the losing figures will not be killed.

Also includes the Tower Season Cards Set, containing the 15 Season cards originally made for the Dice Tower and designed by their team. It includes brand new Enhancements, Virtues, War and Winter upgrades, to create a new play experience in conjunction with the basic Season cards.

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