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Salerno '43 is a battalion/regiment/brigade-level game on the Allied invasion of mainland Italy in September 1943. Two British and two American divisions land in the Gulf of Salerno defended by the full-strength 16th Panzer Division, which is soon reinforced by elements of five mechanized divisions and much of the 1st Fallschirmjaeger. For 8 days the survival of the beachhead is in doubt, and emergency measures are taken to reinforce the beachhead with the 82nd Airborne Division. With their counterattack stopped and the British Eighth Army approaching from the south, the Germans withdraw their left flank to avoid being trapped. However, their right flank stubbornly holds back the British from pushing north to Naples.

Salerno '43 includes two scenarios: an 8-turn Invasion Scenario and a 22-turn Campaign Game. In the Campaign Game, the Allies must exit the north map edge by the end of September 1943. The Germans must delay the Allies to give time for the construction of the Gustav Line further south. The 8-turn Scenario can be finished in an afternoon.

1 Paper Map
1 Counter Sheet
1 Rules Booklet
1 Allied Setup & Reinforcement Card
1 German Setup & Reinforcement Card
2 CRT/TEC Player Aid Cards
1 Six-sided Die

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 180-360 minutes

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