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"Schnell Boats: Scourge of the English Channel" is a tactical-level wargame where you (as the Captain) take the command of a German Kriesgsmarine type S-100 Schnellboot fast attack torpedo boat squadron in the English Channel during 1943-1944. Your main goal is to survive while sinking as many enemy ships as you and your squadron can. Missions include offensive patrols, minelaying, and search and rescue missions.

Enemies you and your crewmen will face include a variety of ships, patrol boats, and patrol aircraft. Weather conditions and sea state is also modeled.

The player will move his squadron through various travel boxes on a map of the English Channel during each mission on his way to the patrol area, then must successfully return back to home base.

Game components include a crewmen placement mat, strategic map mat, Tables book, crewmen status sheet, campaign log, and counter sheet representing individual S-Boats, enemy aircraft, ships, etc.

—description from the designer

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