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Perfect Strangers

A seemingly new player appears in the system: a gropu of cultists who steal a prototype that could protect New Harmony from an encroaching, invisible threat. The PCs will need t reach out to the planet's other charters, as well as the Pact Worlds and Veskarium, to make alliances to stand against this group in the coming months. Will the heroes make new allies or will they try to go it alone?

This volume continues the Horizons of the Vast adventure path and includes:

• "Allies Against the Eye," a Starfinder adventure for 9th-level characters, by Jabari Weathers.

• A look at the mysterious cult known as the Order of the Culling Shadow, by Kim Frandsen.

• A toolbox featuring options for diplomatic characters, ways to unlock mystic power, a collection of strange creatures, and a glimpse at a world covered in glass, by Alexander Augunas, Jeremy Corff, John Godek III, Logan Harper, Jenny Jarzabski, Andrew Mullen, Jess Nevins, Jim Seals, and Jabari Weathers.

• Statistics and deck plans for a stealthy ship used by smugglers, pirates, and worse, by Jabari Weathers.
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