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Different World

A distress beacon from the desolate tundra sends the PCs on a mission into the biting cold. Once they rescue the survivors of a crash from an off-world menace, the PCs trace the threat to the gas giant Weydana-6, where a Swarm colony slumbers amid the icy clouds. Can they defat the waking creatures before they contact the larger hive mind?

This volume continues the Horizons of the Vast adventure path and includes:

• "Icebound," a Starfinder adventure for 7th-level characters, by Jason Tondro.

• A look at the Veskarium's military intelligence agency Directive 9, by Christopher Wakso.

• A toolbox featuring equipment to traverse the upper atmosphere, a catalog of Swarm-based biotech, information on how to create new Swarm components, a collection of creatures ready to ambush the unprepared, and a glimpse at the swirling frozen clouds of an icy gas giant, by BJ Hensley, Jenny Jarzabski, Jess Nevins, Jim Seals, and Jason Tondro.

• Statistics and deck plans for a sleek and stylish espionage vessel by Jason Tondro.
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