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In Sleepaway, you play as a camp counselor at a not-so-ordinary summer camp besieged by a Strange and ominous cryptid. Isolated from civilization, this summer camp is a beacon of  safety, a refuge for misfit kids defined by their marginalization. The Lindworm is a shapeshifter, or so the stories go; a creature that flays the skin of humans and hides within. As counselors of this summer camp, you’ve each been traumatized by the Lindworm, in your own ways. You remember little of that time. Just that you don’t want anyone else to experience it either, and you’ll keep this camp safe no matter what.

Sleepaway uses the diceless Belonging Outside Belonging system where everyone shares the role of facilitator and creates and interacts with the Setting Elements together. One player is responsible for channeling the Lindworm and draws from a deck of cards that cause an unsettling event to occur.



  • Softcover black and white book, featuring gorgeous illustrations based on the flora and fauna of the Hudson Valley
  • PDF Version included

Number of players: 3-6
Style: No GM. Belonging Outside Belonging. Carding drawing mechanic.

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