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Have you ever noticed how needy and demanding the players can get during a game session? Why is it your responsibility, as the gamemaster, to entertain these ungrateful leeches who don’t even know how to provide decent snacks? Fortunately, a large part of your role as the GM involves tossing challenges at the heroes . . . and today it feels like the time to truly challenge them.

Snowy Scenes, the thing you are reading about now, offers several encounter seeds for those times when the player characters are exploring an arctic environment and you’re sick of their nonsense. As with many things designed to print on pieces of paper, this damned thing is double-sided, which means that in addition to the encounter ideas on one side there are even more seeds on the reverse side. Which side should you use? You’re the GM, you can make that decision on your own. What? You can’t decide? Fine. Use this side if you like the adventurers and use the opposite side if someone at the table has said something stupid and annoyed you this session.

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