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There’s chaos on the mausoleum streets of New Heaven. The Carrion-Priests are at war with the Morticians; a grimy new drug is turning people into callous monsters who disappear into the catacombs beneath the district for days at a time; a serial killer is convinced that their latest murders are of great artistic merit, and the establishment seems to agree with them; and, as if that wasn’t enough, an illegal demonic manufacturing lab has just exploded under the weight of its own reality. All these things are connected: but how? The Ministry dispatches a cell of operatives to do some digging and see if they can’t turn these problems into solutions.

Eidolon Sky is a 30 page scenario for the Spire roleplaying game which contains: Pre-generated characters ready to throw into the story; Non-player characters to put a face on every faction, along with suggested scenes to weave them into the narrative.

Three interconnected mysteries that the player characters can investigate in whichever order they choose; A guide on bringing the threads to a point as the story concludes and the villain is revealed.