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Sprinkles is Missing is an all-ages role-playing game of creative magic and cooperative problem solving. The GM (the Principal) will guide 1-5 players (the Students) on an adventure through The Forest as they search for their school's missing mascot, Sprinkles the unicorn.

The game is designed to minimize the preparation required for the Principal and get the Students into The Forest as fast as possible. Character creation is as simple as picking a class (your Student's favorite class in school, with options from Science to Gym) and rolling a single six-sided die to pick their first spell that they have learned.

Dice mechanics focus on the difficulty of the challenge being addressed. The Student will roll two, three, or four six-sided dice and add up the two highest numbers rolled. If they add up to 8 or more, the challenge is Passed! If they add up to 7 or less, they need to Adapt, and suggestions can be made for how they can avoid Failing and still overcome the challenge.

The game is played as a procedurally-generated point crawl. After each scene, the Principal (or a Student) will roll four six-sided dice to generate two two-digit numbers. These correspond to Scenes on a D66 Scene table in the book, where a challenge is detailed for the Students, along with text that can be read directly to the players and possible solutions to the challenge that the Principal can hint at if the players are stumped.

The game always ends with finding Sprinkles, who was never in quite as much danger as the Students might have thought.

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