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Get stuck on these ocean creatures

Is your child stuck on marine biology? Go ahead and celebrate it with this sticker sheet from Stickiville. It features a variety of ocean stickers that will delight and wow your kiddo! It’s perfect for showing off their sea-worthy passion!

Explore the ocean - no snorkels required! This sticker sheet from Stickiville is a sweet celebration of some of the most famous inhabitants of the sea. These epoxy stickers feature fintastic cutie-pies like an octopus, shark, stingray, crab, and so much more. Designed in cool shades like blues and oranges, this sticker sheet can help your child accessorize their things, so they can show off their love for the deep blue sea!

  • Ocean themed sticker sheet
  • Designs feature a variety of ocean animals including sharks, crabs, and stingrays
  • Includes one sticker sheet of ocean-themed stickers
  • Epoxy stickers are coated with a epoxy resin to give your stickers that multi dimensional effect (also known as 3D or dome stickers)
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
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