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The fight for the future burns across Skyrim. The Legions of the Empire rigidly enforce the ban on worshipping Talos - the main raised to be a god. The proud Nords of Skyrim chafe under the suppression of their heartfelt beliefs. Bitterness turns to resentment, resentment turns to insurrection. A small revolt in one Hold is all it takes to spark rebellion, and in that conflict are lit the embers of an inferno that could consume all of Skyrim.

Take your forces and fight through the iconic battles of the Civil War from the starting skirmishes to epic conclusion with the siege of the enemy capitol. Within these pages you will find rules for running a campaign to control all of Skyrim, wither as versus Battle Mode or as a cooperative or solo campaign against AI-controlled forces. Fight through more than 20 Battle and Delve Mode scenarios with a map-based campaign to track possession of the Holds of Skyrim. Also included are rules for ongoing campaign onuses, hold and terrain specific effects and a new playable faction - Hold Guards!

Requires the Core Rules Box for use and references units from the Chapter 1 Card Pack.

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