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Struggle of Empires is set in the eighteenth century: an age of discovery and sail, a period of colonization and the beginnings of industrialization, and also a time of almost constant warfare in Europe and its far-flung colonies. You will assume the leadership of one of the seven European Major Powers of that time and direct its military, economic, and political development to compete with your rival Major Powers. You will forge alliances, build armies and fleets, establish colonies, improve your economy, wage war, and manage unrest among your citizenry. You will decide whether to expand in Europe or take control of colonies in the Americas, Africa, and the Far East. If well made, your choices will guide you to victory in the impending Struggle of Empires!

As a highly regarded strategy game, Struggle of Empires has long been a candidate for an updated version and Eagle-Gryphon Games is known for its expertise in creating deluxe, quality game editions. We have created new art, a large and re-imagined game board, high quality cardboard components, new wooden components, and a larger box with a complete storage solution. Most importantly, we have developed an updated rule book!

The updated and revised rule book clarifies the original rules and examples and also provides a wealth of variant rules.

We are pleased to include 2 new variant rules by Martin Wallace. Other variants are based on designer and fan suggestions. Some address issues of balance and luck in the game and others provide new ideas for setup and play with lower player counts.
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