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You may be dead but you’re not quite done living. Journey downward through spirals and circles of Hell, laying waste to any demonic beast that stands in your way. Use the method you died to inform your inventory and abilities on your violent quest. Face off against a trove of fallen angels, giants, infernal beasts, and more on your way to confront the devil and demand your final wish be answered… if you don’t succumb to your darkest traits along the way.

Sweet Revenge is a roleplaying game for 2-6 players including a Grave Master (GM). The Dead make clever use of their wonderful cabinet of items, the fragments of souls they claim, and the powers of the 7 Deadly Sins in lieu of stats to dive into the depths of hell. Each region is controlled by a powerful demon with whom The Dead faceoff (if they survive long enough) to make their demand.


The Dead: character options informed by how you died, complete with unique items, special abilities, forlorn relationships, and more.
d20+Sin: a unique conflict resolution system that is both familiar and fresh to anyone who has played traditional adventure games. Your stats have been replaced with your sins, succumb to their dark powers to enact your will.
Bestiary: The infernal forces of Hell with simple mechanics making them compatible with a myriad of existing old-school roleplaying games.
Circles of Hell: an abstracted adventure philosophy detailed for running dungeon crawls, overland travel, and any other kind of journey your dark heart desires. Includes two pre-made circles: a demonic library in The Infinite Archives and a putrid overland quest in The Decaying Plains.
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