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Swords & Chaos RPG: Core Rulebook

Hark, you dogs of the underworld, and heed my words! Before you lay the forces of savage barbarism, decadent civilization, and the warping tendrils of Chaos itself! Swords & Chaos is your gateway to endless worlds of high adventure. Swords & Chaos! This tabletop roleplaying game features larger-than-life-heroes, unspeakable horrors, unrelenting action, and a world of riches and wickedness set in an antediluvian age. It weds old school and new school design to produce a pulse-pounding sword & sorcery experience that is finely crafted to emulate the feeling of a classic tale ripped straight from the pulps. Inspired by the works of such literary greats as Robert E Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, Charles Saunders, Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber and others, Swords & Chaos is meticulously constructed to evoke the horror, action, and thrill of primal storytelling.

Swords & Chaos is powered by the SIEGE Engine, a d20-based system originally developed by Troll Lord Games for such exciting RPGs as Castles & Crusades and Amazing Adventures. Blended into this system are a suite of mechanics which ever so slightly modernize the experience. Those familiar with Castles & Crusades, old school, or even modern gaming will be able to dive right in without issue! The rules have been designed to be as quick and simple to learn as possible, while still offering a satisfying level of depth for veteran players. Are you prepared for high adventure in a world of savage swords and sinister sorcery? Then pledge your allegiance to Swords & Chaos!

This book contains EVERYTHING you need to play Swords & Chaos. Included are rules for character generation, 120 spells, over 200 enemies, monsters, and beasts, a robust Game Master section, and a gazetteer of "The Earth as it Was Known During its Forgotten Age", a sword & sorcery setting designed for use with Swords & Chaos.
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