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The latest update to our acclaimed range of brushes:

  • 5 Domed/Rounded Drybrushes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
  • 3 Flat Drybrushes: Small, Medium & Large
  • 2 Angled Drybrushes: Small & Large
  • Size 0 Detail Brush (great for panel lining and other fine details!)
  • Size 7 Brush (excellent for applying washes or other large-scale applications!)

Designed for zenithal, slapchop, and any miniature painting technique in between, these brushes and tools are here to help you achieve better painting performance. Made from premium Techlon Fibers, this purpose-built paintbrush set was created to help you get your models table ready and achieve outstanding results even faster. You can rely on smoother, more even applications every time.

Each brush is carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the very highest quality tools available. Once only the finest fibers are selected, they are contained within a black electroplated ferrule matched to a polished white tone handle and finished with ebony lettering.

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