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Teens in Space is a space opera RPG that uses the “Powered by Kids on Bikes” system, first used in the award wininng Kids on Bikes. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of WinterKids on Bikes) & Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Kids on Bikes) with the evocative art of Heather Vaughan (Beneath Nexus, Kids on Bikes), Teens in Space is a rules-light storytelling system that takes you into the cosmos for adventure and profit.

Kids on Bikes is NOT required to play Teens in Space.

The Adventures of Teens in Space take place across the vast and sometimes uncharted reaches of the universe, with fantastical things like: 

  • Diverse and interesting alien species of all shapes and sizes
  • Powerful faster than light space ships that can take you across the universe
  • Strange, beautiful, and even terrifying worlds ripped right from your imagination 

Teens in Space takes characters to places beyond our celestial comfort zone, out into the cosmos where anything and everything *could* happen. 

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