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The city of Testudinea has crawled for eons. Upon the colossal Turtle’s back the city has weathered through countless invasions and passed through many hands. Now a catastrophe looms on the horizon as the Turtle ceaselessly marches towards the ocean, ready to submerge the city beneath the waves. The downtrodden and overworked people cry out for help, but their lamentations fall upon the deaf ears of their rulers.

As disaster inches closer, will you help fight for a better future with the burgeoning new union The Dualies? Or will you reap profit from the vulnerable with the land owning Hyena Court?

Testudinea is an expansive city setting for use in Troika! It includes 6 new backgrounds, 5 powerful syndicates, 8 new enemies and several new spells and weapons. Create your own neighborhoods and decide their fates with a plethora of random tables. Time is limited, but your actions can change the fate of an entire city.

36 pages, size pending, saddle stitched, color cover and interiors.

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