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The Age of Conan Sourcebook brings the exciting and unique treatment of the Hyborian Age of Conan to the tabletop. Offering alternative means of play, new character options, alternate versions of areas, and new regions and areas beyond any Howard dreamed of. Set in this variant Hyborian world, The Age of Conan Sourcebook adds new thrills and twists to existing Conan campaigns and new opportunities for advancement.

With this volume, players can:

• Experience the secret war between diabolic sorcerer Thoth-amon and Kalanthes, priest of Ibis, chronicled by the Secret Scribes.

• Twelve new character archetypes such as the Demonologist, Bear Shaman, Ranger, and Conqueror.

• Add clans and companions to characters and build your own guilds to change the world with!

• Wield new weapons, armor, and equipment from the online game - including potions and a variety of unique relics.

• Cast powerful new magic, including Blasts of the Elements, Gangrenous Touch, Infernal Protections, Touch of Healing, and Venom Strike!

• Face new foes such as the Black Ring Fury, Stygian Deathmaster, Dark Beast, Frost Crawler, Blood Defiler, and more.

• Explore an alternate version of the Hyborian world, with locations such as the Sanctum of the Burning Souls, the Dragonspine Mountains, the Purple Lotus Swamp, Atzel's Approach, and the Hall of Crom!


A copy of Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of is necessary to use the contents of this book.

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