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A city underground. Above, monsters made from the bones and flesh of their ancestors. Below, a hole going down forever. In the middle, you: one of those brave or crazy enough to go up and fight the undead for treasure. Welcome to the Well.

The Well is a fun, lightweight roleplaying game of exploring dungeons, finding treasures, and collecting grievous wounds.

A long, long time ago, we started digging. No one knows what we were running from, but it must've been bad because we went down and closed the way behind us. After that, there was nowhere to go but deeper down. Thankfully, we had the Well to guide us. When we emptied the stone and soil of resources, and when generations of entombed dead had filled the halls, we climbed down the stairs circling the Well and carved a new home out of the rock. Again, and again, and again.

Many generations later, the evil caught up with us. This time it settled in the tombs of our honored dead, turning them into murderous monsters and abominations. They say the first time was a massacre, that only a handful of us escaped. Maybe, maybe not. But every few generations we move farther down, blocking off all the routes upward except the Well. It was only within the last few generations that we built the Gate, blocking the entire Well and keeping us safe enough to grow.

You are a gravedigger, one of the brave or crazy few who climbs the Well to the tombs above. You put our dead back to rest and bring back treasures of our past. Maybe you do it for the loot. Maybe you do it for the thrill. Or maybe you can't resist searching for what's really up there, in the past that we think we've buried.
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