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Huge numbers of cavalry were fielded in the warfare of the 17th century. The most common being light cavalry harquebusiers, armed with doglock carbines which could be fired from the saddle. Equipped with helmet and breastplate, they were expected to close with the enemy and charge them down at a spirited pace. The cuirassier heavy cavalry was clad in blackened steel armour which was proof against most blades or shot. Fielded en masse in the Thirty Years’ War as shock cavalry, cuirassiers were a fearsome opponent to face. Dragoons were common to all sides and could dismount to hold tactical positions, such as bridges, but could also fire from the saddle if needed.

All armies of the period fielded as much ordnance as they could afford, from fearsome large Sakers to small field pieces like the Falconet, spewing out a lethal hail of shot at point blank range.

This boxed set contains the following plastic figures: 30 harquebusiers, 6 cuirassiers, 3 cornets, 9 mounted dragoons, 15 dismounted dragoons, 18 commanded shotte, 3 Saker medium guns, 3 Falconet light guns, 3 mounted battalia commanders and 3 ensigns on foot, plastic bases, and a full-colour flag sheet with Thirty Years’ War colours.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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