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Escape Room in a Box: Time Drifters is a story about two time travelers - Isabel and Kira - partners who have explored the farthest reaches of time, from ancient dynasties to the birth of the dinosaurs, and even the distant future. But disaster struck on their latest adventure, splitting their time machine in two and marooning them each in a different place and time!

In Escape Room in a Box: Time Drifters - Isabel's Story, you take the role of Isabel as she works to repair her half of the time machine and hopefully reconnect with Kira before she is lost forever.

Just like all of the Escape Room in a Box games, the puzzles in Isabel's Story are non-linear, meaning there is always something for everyone to do - just like a real life escape room.

Escape Room in a Box: Time Drifters - Isabel's Story can be combined with Escape Room in a Box: Time Drifters - Kira's Story to unlock a special bonus game, designed to be played remotely via video chat, that allows you to experience the final chapter in their story. Players from both groups will have to work together, share notes, collaborate on puzzles, and hopefully to reunite the two wayward time travelers.

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